First Intervention

short Video Clip of fashion campaign, and thinking of making posters later on and, I’ll set up account for my campaign as well.

The purpose of this video clip is to creates a consensus on the environmental crisis And help others with raising their awareness of the harmful effect of the fast fashion industry on our planet, it would also be helpful for consumers to make more informed decisions when they purchase clothes. Also, to consider the numerous workers that work behind the scenes to make the fashion industry run possible. This is just the quick draft of the campaign (quick briefing on what is fast fashion culture and how it affects our environment.) and I’ll need to put audio, subtitles and solution for the question which I am still considering about. but what I am trying to express is we need to act what we can do right now and keep on practice and learn. So, my message is why don’t we all start the environment-minded actions for future generations and ourselves right now? Rather than starting from something big, when we gather all the small actions it has potentials become great impact. Which means that we could all be heroes for nature. .I would like to include things like social challenge that each small action gathers to exert great influence and nature and this world global campaign would strive to improve even more.

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