Interviewed people who had taken the survey.

  1. I can see that you have changed your response to the survey questions after watching the video and posts on sustainable fashion. What made you change your mind?

Interviewer 1: Whilst I was watching this video I myself was surprised to see how big the impact of fast fashion is but now that I know I would like to engage, cooperate more on saving the environment. Maybe I would trade or donate my clothes to charity instead of throwing away.   

Interviewer 2: It was rather shocking. I can’t promise that I would not buy anything unnecessary but from now on I would go for a sustainable option to minimise the harmful effect.  

  1. Do you think the video and posts were an effective method in raising your awareness on the issue and ultimately changing your perception on sustainable fashion? 

Interviewer 1:  video and pictures proved to be educational, thought-provoking because they were informative and stakeholders found that it has sparked a number of interesting and edifying conversations about fast fashion and its environmental impact.

Interviewer 2: after watching the video and the post, I realised that the short video clip and images themselves aren’t a big essay explaining everything about the harmful effects that fast fashion has on the environment, I think they are powerful tools and also informative.

  1. Would you share the video and posts with your followers and promote the importance of the issue to your family and friends? 

Interviewer 1: Definitely yes! I will 100% share this with my friends! I think more people are more likely to get engaged and remember facts if they are quizzed on it. 

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