Social media engagement

readers please play the video attatched below  I ran live Instagram poll votes on people’s views on sustainable fashion and quizzed them on the issue to gain audience engagement and interaction, which is an effective method of getting people motivated to participate, get their followers to join them, and become invested in my research project… Continue reading Social media engagement

Poster Idea

Strength : Size and quantity offer flexibility, which are two advantages of using posters as an advertising medium for a small business. Posters also: Make quick, immediate visual impressions on potential customers. Larger than brochures and flyers and smaller than billboards, posters that feature a compelling message and provocative design boast drawing power. Offer continuous… Continue reading Poster Idea

Video Campaign (Readers please click on to the link above to watch the video) Message: Where curious minds gather to offer fresh perspectives on the issues/trends influencing sustainable fashion. 11 million tons of textiles are thrown away every year. /That’s 26.7kg of clothing per person in the UK alone./The primary culprit of this fashion waste? /Fast… Continue reading Video Campaign

Intervention Instagram campaign

ID: sustainable_fashion2020actnow I created an Instagram account sustainable_fashion2020actnow for this campaign. I wanted to build a space where we as a community, can chat about the latest developments in sustainability, share ideas and resources and where you can ask questions, and engage to help you better understand the complexities of ethical and sustainable fashion. I… Continue reading Intervention Instagram campaign

First Intervention

short Video Clip of fashion campaign, and thinking of making posters later on and, I’ll set up account for my campaign as well. The purpose of this video clip is to creates a consensus on the environmental crisis And help others with raising their awareness of the harmful effect of the fast fashion industry on… Continue reading First Intervention