Sustainable fashion brands

There is no question that sustainability is growing in importance for most fashion buyers, but it can also be hard to know exactly where to look for environmentally sustainable and ethically made apparel. So, we’re here to promote it for you.

I round up below are some of our favorite sustainable fashion brands that create high quality, environmentally conscious collections to enjoy shopping with a clean conscience.

brother vellies shoes   best sustainable brands
Brother Vellies
The brand aims to reduce its effect on the earth through the use of vegetable-tanned leathers, recycled tyre solving, hand-carved wood, floral-tanned feathers, and other by-product materials from farmers around the world.maggie marilyn, best sustainable brands
Maggie Marilyn

Transparency is important when it comes to sustainability, a strategy that lives by the mark. Who makes her designs, where products are purchased and what the supply chain looks like, the designer is still articulate.Sustainable brands - mother of pearl
Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl has perfected the art of designing with a conscience by producing contemporary, wearable pieces. Creative director Amy Powney advises consumers to question a company’s credentials before investing.

sustainable brands, house of sunny
House of Sunny
House of Sunny produces only limited runs of each collection in a bid to take action against fast fashion. Creating only two seasonal collections a year enables the design team to spend more time investigating and sourcing sustainable fabrics and methods of production.

stella mccartney  runway   paris fashion week womenswear fallwinter 20202021
Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney writes on her website that ‘eco’ shouldn’t be a word “that immediately conjures up images of oatmeal-coloured fashion or garments that are oversized or lacking in any sort of luxury or beauty, detailing or desirability”. McCartney is known as one of the pioneers in designing ethically and challenges that stereotype, from never using leather or fur to helping the environment by protecting endangered forests.


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