Ted speech

How to Engage with Ethical Fashion | Clara Vuletich | TEDxSydney

Learning notes:

Education is key. Countries that have a sustainable debate the most in the public space are those who educate their children and young people about sustainability, like Germany. Sustainability should now become a value in our society as we are all affected by it and we all need to take responsibility. It is too big an issue for a small group advocates to publicise, the mainstream media and our governments need to bring the discussion to the spotlight.

Most things move through stages on the market acceptation as following “innovators–> early adopters –> early majority”. For something to take off it has to move into early majority. It will take a lot of work to move people from that category. People care, it just the question of convenience.

The problem is the Life Cycle Thinking, it has to be done on a part of the producer and the government to move mountains. As consumers we can do a lot about it, but first when we get the numbers. But we can especially controlling our personal habits, they rob off on people. If you want to make a change, change your personal actions, with a lot of people moving it will create a snowball effect. Since today it is just financially hard to create moderately priced sustainable clothing and clothing should not be cheap in general. It is hard for them to compete with conventional. Moving yourself will move the demand. There is also no consensus when something is sustainable in terms of product, to winch degree it is, it is such a mistreated word.

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