unit2 assessment feedback

Dami has made progress with their research over the independent study period. They have demonstrated having reached out to stakeholders to gain more insight on how the industry is dealing with fast fashion and looking to be more sustainable. Dami has set up the ground work for what could prove as more fruitful interventions for their project. They have identified an audience, however are yet to demonstrate how findings from stakeholder interviews and engagement with their video and blog could be transformed into more complex ideas, and as a result, more innovative interventions that allow the project to develop further.

Dami has shown evidence of basic research, stakeholder engagement and has laid out a vision for the project. They are encouraged to expand upon the network of individuals involved with the project so far, but more importantly transform findings from the independent study period into rapid interventions that could make way for them to realising their vision of changing perception and behaviour around fast fashion. Their focus in the coming months will need be on the ‘how’ and ‘what-if’. Sustainability is a much explored topic these days. Dami is encouraged to identify an angle for their project that distinguishes it from everything that has been done on the subject matter already.

Dami showed enthusiasm for their project over the independent study period, and is encouraged to channel that enthusiasm into an innovative outcome.

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