Intervention Instagram campaign

ID: sustainable_fashion2020actnow

I created an Instagram account sustainable_fashion2020actnow for this campaign. I wanted to build a space where we as a community, can chat about the latest developments in sustainability, share ideas and resources and where you can ask questions, and engage to help you better understand the complexities of ethical and sustainable fashion.

I found out that it was a good channel for visual storytelling since it is specialised to communicate with others through videos and pictures. The album served as a campaign collection and a lookbook (using the power of visual). I made people look at those to generate relevant feedback and constructive criticism. To measure whether these interventions were effective in changing people’s perception of sustainable fashion, I asked people to take a survey on their views of sustainable fashion, then showed them the videos and pictures, followed by them taking the same survey again to see if their response changed. The results of these intervention show that my measures successfully changed their views. People were more likely to throw away clothes less frequently and via more environmentally friendly means after having been exposed to my interventions. 

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